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Feb 2018 African Violet–Rake

Unique Gift

10 POOP+ PODS...w/o bag

Includes 10 Poop+ Pods

Container Plant Garden Kit

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Product Specs

  • High quality canvas tote. Large pocket for cell phone too
  • 1 rake
  • 2 small and medium shovels
  • 2 light duty cutting shears
  • 1 spray bottle to keep plants misted

Product Description

Complete Garden Kit + 10 Organic Alpaca POOP+ PODS

"How did I ever get along without it"

Absolutely perfect for indoor and outdoor potted plants, edibles, and herbs. S
caled Garden Set consisting of 7 pieces.

Strong canvas plant tool bag, 1 narrow trowel, 1 wide trowel, 1 rake, 1 spray bottle, 2 clippers (flowers and SMALL stems).

Quality metal tools with strong green easy-hold plastic handles.

PLUS 10 biodegradable ORGANIC POOP PODS with pre measured alpaca compost, mycorrhizal fungi & yucca.

Simply Feed as you Water once a week.

Watch your plants quickly respond with lush foliage, bigger longer lasting blooms.

"For all your plants and the soil they live in!"

My friends were astounded at the blooms and healthy looking plants around my home. All types, there isn't anything it won't do wonders for. mary