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Various Colors//Tencel Fiber//197 yards

Shiny, Sustainable Yarn

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Shimmering yarns of various sizes that is environmentally friendly! Put some shine in your project with the peace of mind of purchasing sustainable products.

Each skein is made up of 30% alpaca, 20% Merino, and 50% Tencel. Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics. It has the feel of bamboo with the wonderful shimmer as well.

Onto of tercel being environmentally friendly so is alpaca. They have soft foot pads, which are gentle on the pasture, and when they graze they only take off the tops of the plant versus the whole root system. This allows the plant to easily grow back.

Each skein is 197 yards with 4 blue, 1 purple, 2 red, 2 brown, and 2 green available.