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Contains 20 Poop Paks

Large Fertilizer Tea Bags

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Product Description

This listing comes with 20 Organic poop paks...TEEMING WITH HAPPY MICROBES

Simply brew Poop Paks for amazing results

Mary’s Poop is a unique way to water and feed all your houseplants at the same time in one clean, easy-to-use application. Once a week, simply brew one Poop Pak in hot water and wait for the golden brew to cool. A drenching with good drainage is all you need. (Thrifty? One Pak makes up to two gallons of liquid food).

The Benefits of This Poop

Each Poop Pak contains composted organic balanced food for all plants and vegetables. The benefits are proven science. Here’s the true poop —

Alpaca manure has proven itself the best organic fertilizer.
Plant vitality is robust, growth spectacular, and blooms prolific and long-lasting. Plants are disease-resistant.

An efficient delivery system to prevent over- or under-feeding or watering. Forget past failures. Everyone is a pro with Mary’s Poop.

Complete nutrition.
Fully balanced macro- and micro-nutrients (minerals). All the desirable nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium/potash needed (roughly 1.5:0.5:1.1 N-P-K). Teeming with beneficial microorganisms.

OMRI listed.
So you know it’s genuinely organic. Rigorous, independent integrity. Labels cannot mislead scientific certification. And the Poop Pak is totally biodegradable. How green is that?!

100% parasite free.
100% parasite free. The parasites, weed seeds, and harmful pathogens found in raw manure have been eliminated.

Did we emphasize safe?
Urban – suburban – rural, if it’s in a pot, try Mary’s Poop. Clean, no mess, no smell. Absolutely safe for kids and pets. Won’t attract insects or pests. More than just convenient; it’s made for your home.

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